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Meet our team

 Keys to the Premier Experience

Mid-Continent leadership encompasses distinct and diverse expertise with unparalleled experience in all sectors of real estate development and hotel management. Our team collaborates in all facets to inspire and attain our vision, mission & values.


Our vision is to continue striving to be the leading hospitality real estate developer and operations service provider in the markets we select to invest. We consistently seek to develop collaborative partnerships, based on transparency and mutual trust, which serve to build enduring associate and partner relationships. As we expand, we are committed to these principles, which have served our company and partners through the years.


We strive to achieve our mission by creating a dynamic, positive, purposeful work environment focused on building and investing in long-term relationships. We measure our success by the offerings we make to our partners. Our beliefs are based on our dedication to providing exceptional service while combining an ambitious spirit with the bespoke offerings of a fast-growing organization. 


Messaging, steadfastness, and customer loyalty are core values ​​expressed in each of our business sectors. By taking the time to understand our partner’s needs, we are able to provide comprehensive  and sound investment opportunities. We pride ourselves on continually delivering superior results to optimize the value of our hotel assets in all our markets. 

Our Why


Pulling Together: Whether it involves the coordination of design consultants, construction teams & operations to determine the most efficient and effective conditions of a positive guest experience, we energetically come together and integrate our expertise to stitch the thread of trust and goodwill.

Leadership Team.

Asset Management Team

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