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Our Guiding Tenets

Our vision is to be the leading hospitality real estate developer + operations service provider in the markets we target. We consistently strive to develop collaborative partnerships, based on transparency and mutual trust. These attributes serve to build enduring associate and partner relationships. As we expand, we are committed to these principles which have served our company throughout our existence.


We strive to achieve our mission by creating optimum value across our curated real estate portfolio, resulting in excellent returns for investors. We accomplish this plan in conjunction to offering a professional, ethical, and performance-based work environment for our team members.


Messaging, steadfastness, and customer loyalty are core values ​​expressed in each of our business sectors. By taking the time to understand our partner’s needs, we are able to provide comprehensive  and sound investment  opportunities. We pride ourselves on continually delivering superior results to optimize the value of our hotel assets in all our markets. 


As a valued team member, Mid-Continent’s Design + Development  business plan includes elements of timing, construct-ability, energy savings assessments, and materials evaluations. These items determine the longevity of a return on investment that is vitally important to our overall objectives. Understanding and executing the plan determines our success for each project and in return conveys our commitment to each sponsor.Inline with our company's philosophy, we work lean. This allows our team to keep a constant pulse with each development as we move through the multifaceted process of bringing projects to fruition. We have an in-house team composed of design &  general contracting professionals to create accurate and proportional market budgets. This is essential from a development perspective as we can predict cost by tailoring scopes of work, along with term and condition evaluations . All new projects are analyzed by our  development, construction & operations teams. We work through every scenario and real-time market conditions to come to an equitable decision process. Owning an asset applies the same rules to annual budgeting for ongoing investments. From a capital expenditure perspective, there are no assumptions in the final underwriting evaluations. Our team visits each property to define the capital projects annually. As we fine-tune and improve each hotel’s business plan, our construction team works with operations to create an accurate budget for the following year. In both scenarios, the budget is based on how the asset is performing in the market. We know labor costs. We know material costs. We take the guesswork out and have highly skilled staff to continually evaluate all matters before they become issues.


Our priority as an asset manager is to strategically oversee the hotels operation and exceed the hotel's investment objectives. Whether that's  assessing brand agreements for amicable resolutions, adjusting capital budgets to account for the various operational expenditures, or performing risk analysis to calibrate revenue and lower costs, we handle all these scenarios to securely foresee profitable returns on investments. By focusing our experience on the executive details, it allows our associates to provide that sense of comfort and known expectations to our guests throughout our curated portfolio.  "Each hotel is personal to our team. Our continued success reinforces and facilitates the availability of new opportunities."​​


Leading Hotel Investment into the Future

Mike & Zeenat have had an exciting journey in the past three decades, By growing and innovating, they've been able to foresee multiple market fluctuations and respond accordingly. These moments have shaped their resolve, resourcefulness, and creativity. Their deep convictions and instincts have propelled Mid-Continent Hospitality to new heights and ventures.

Exceptional Service for Extraordinary Companies

Today, Zeenat is responsible for the greater market share of Mid Continent’s curated portfolio in multiple market sectors and hotel types. She possesses an insightful position in securing the most coveted properties for acquisitions and new development opportunities . The estimated investor return rate  is as high as 28% under stable market conditions. That scale has created the foundation to evolve from hotel owner to an investment developer across five major US markets. And with over two dozen asset subsidiaries in the Mid-Continent ecosystem, we’re creating  truly unique offerings for hospitality, retail, entertainment, and F&B businesses, in markets like Austin, Chicago, San Diego, and Wichita.

Alongside that, we’re excited to promote our process nationwide in the coming years, sharing with you our vision for a connected, innovative and stable investment offering that works for the entirety of consumer industries.



What's Next....

As we look to the future, we have our sights on the national marketplace. We’re investing further in new assets and land that are or have the potential to be market leaders. Zeenat will take advantage of MCH's established core hotel, F&B, and retail industries to extend and connect vertically and horizontally, to further integrate solutions for investment opportunities. By seeking and acquiring vetted assets in our key industry, we can establish an investment platform that will be able to provide services and true gains in hospitality businesses across the United States.

Zeenat aspires to become the leading sponsor-led investment owner/operator that’s driven by analytics while creating the experience for his investors, teams, and guests. We are no doubt looking forward to what lies ahead for MCH and the hospitality industry.

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