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A Tribute to Minhas Ladiwalla

There are only a few entrepreneurs quite as inspiring as the founder of Mid-Continent Hospitality, Minhas “Mike” Ladiwalla. At the age of 17, he became a business owner and worked through establishing himself, ultimately discovering his passion for Hospitality. In 2007, he purchased his first limited-service hotel and grew his portfolio swiftly. In 2012, Mid-Continent Hospitality had a modest beginning as a 4-person team and transformed over the years to be well known in the hospitality industry. Under Mike’s leadership, Mid-Continent Hospitality became a premier hotel development and management company. 

Passionate about his faith and assisting others, Mike believed in developing an infrastructure and a team that drove itself based on the same values. His mission was not only to run a successful business, but to create a legacy that could be carried forward, for the benefit of those around him. Mike always had an eye for the future and remained committed to investing in his human capital. His goal was to make sure that his work benefited everyone involved. Mike stood firm through the intricacies of scaling a business, building a team instilled with hard work and dedication. He always said: “Things will continue to change; you will see your fair share of good and bad days. Your job is to identify opportunities during all times, and get the job done the right way”. Mike’s peers were witnesses to how he found joy in his work and touched many hearts along the way. The MCH team has learned resilience and entrepreneurship through Mike, knowing that the greater satisfaction of life comes from something meaningful. His journey left an infinite impact upon those around him, offering invaluable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Mike built his life around these four tenets,

  • Maintain a feeling of drive. 

  • Embrace all opportunities and change.

  • Take ownership.

  • Take care of those who look after you (Guest, associates, vendors, family, and friends).

Mid-Continent’s leadership and associates support these values and will continue in the same steps that has empowered this organization since its inception. He has left us all with an indelible legacy and the opportunity to continue his vision.

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